• Board /Leadership development and training • Checks & balances (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Clear-concise visions, missions and objectives • Competitive and community-minded support
  • Comprehensive strategic & operations plans • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual strategies
  • Data management • Day-day operations support
  • Development of life plans • Evaluating cost cutting measures
  • Executive coaching • Expanded professional service offering
  • Expanded professional services • Gap analysis (Assessments)
  • Gifts and skills assessments • Global operations support
  • Greater connection with your target audience • Greater industry and social impact
  • Increase market share and market penetration• Increase profit centers (Financial-R.O.I. & Social-R.O.I.)
  • Increase value proposition • Increased meeting efficiency
  • Increased production • Internal think tank and brain trust
  • Keeping everyone “on the same page (vision)”• Logic models (visuals/ command center/ logistics) 
  • Maintaining a competitive edge • Market analysis
  • More efficient and productive cost centers • More fluid operations flow and organization structure
  • More products/services lines and support • Non-traditional revenue streams
  • Operations/venture management and support• Outcome based (measurable/accountability)
  • Presentation and proposal support • Project/program management
  • Quality control measures • Resource planning
  • Shadow Assessments (“Vision Mapping”) • Short & long term planning strategies and models (forecasting)
  • Solution based services • Staffing, training and support
  • Staged development and implementation • Strategic event planning (in alignment with mission)
  • Streamlined, synchronized operations • Structured and defined central knowledge base

• Uniform and efficient operations processes and systems 

• Work-life balance strategies