There are over 900 streets in America named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the slain civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.  Sadly, these streets are perceived as the most derelict streets in America, void of hope or acknowledgement.  This is where our story begins.  Instead of neglect, the Coalition of Hope sees the streets as the beginning of a renaissance and the opportunity to lead the world in a movement to improve the quality of life for all of society.

 The negative perception of Kingstreets is not actually true.  Reports recently have shown Kingstreets to be some of the most progressive streets in minority communities.  Often having a wide array of industry, trade, government representation, civic representation and academic institutions located on them, just to name a few.

In summary, Kingstreets represents the potential and possibilities of society’s ability to strive for greatness and the ideals of love, justice and truth.  Kingstreets represents our desires to overcome our fears, prejudices, and imperfections.  Kingstreets gives us the opportunity to represent the best of humanity and the need to be part of something greater than ourselves.  Kingstreets will not be complete until all streets are Kingstreets.